Laundry Identification Systems and Supplies

The Polymark® machine and System were designed for the laundry industry. Polymark has a proven record of over 46 years of dependable performance across the United States and 67 countries throughout the world. The Polymark® Laundry Identification System lets you take control of your operation and will help you improve the profitability of your company.

Bennett Distribution, Inc., the exclusive, licensed distributor for the Polymark System in the United States and Canada, maintains a complete inventory of Polymark machines, supplies and parts as well as a service center at their main office and warehouse, located in Van Nuys California.

New Polymark machines are readily available. Both the new and remanufactured machines are warranteed for twelve months against defective parts and perform equally. Remanufactured machines are supplied on a "when available" basis.

High production, simplicity, and dependability have earned Polymark the reputation as "The Finest in Laundry Identification."

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